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User Info: akshat_316

3 years ago#11
karissa1 posted...
akhat_316 posted...
ThugETH posted...
I think it's looking great and it's pretty obvious Vita is the lead platform.
I don't get all the hate from the people crying it's not a console port. Sure Vita could handle a console style game but I have my console for that. I want different unique experiences on my Vita not toned down barely playable console ports!

Exactly. I just want to add that it is batman+metroidvania this alone should be enough to excite people

Ugh, that's three games in one. Metroid, Castlevania, Batman. I'd rather play a game with its own identity.

Also, I had to delete part of your username akhat, because it was against the TOS due to a censored word.

Batman and sidescrollers are nothing new though. I remember enjoying batman on NES back in the day. Metroidvania elements just add exploration nothing more.

User Info: ThugETH

3 years ago#12
Metroidvanias are hugely popular in the east and west. A recent poll on gt it was the winning genre.
[1:04pm] <R33P3R> how can a game be epic on a phone?
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