Another Vita Sold

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At least this makes it easy to keep track of Vita sales.
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good to have you on board, I see nothing but good things in the vitas future
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MattyMatt5481 posted...
good to have you on board, I see nothing but good things in the vitas future

You have a great set of eyes, sir.
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And another sucker,3DS kills it bro,good luck.

in sales: sadly yes
in quality: lolno


^ These.
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i wonder whats the target age group for persona 9-15 ? dont get me wrong i love some of the older atlus RPGs but persona just does not do it, isnt it for the japanese market? always seeing vita owners talk about how great persona is when i know it sucks and a ton of other people agree, leaves a kinda weird feeling.

and i am not even too old to play rayman because that still rocks but persona ? lol its not even on the plate if i were starving

LOL. It's considered the best RPG of past gen. Troll more please.

I can safely say I NEVER heard anyone say this before the Vita version came out and people will probably stop saying it once the Vita version of FFX comes out.

Where'd you get your info though?
It's a secret to everybody.