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User Info: GamingNerd2013

3 years ago#11
I would get it, but I would be totally lost storyline-wise since it's the fourth and last installment of the "future" series and I haven't played any of them.

I wish they would release all the other R&C games for the Vita.

User Info: S1NFUL

3 years ago#12
Lol the title of the vid says Ratchet and Clack.

User Info: S1NFUL

3 years ago#13
Also, Amazon listed a R&C Nexus and Vita bundle

User Info: VegantoKeens

3 years ago#14
I check out this game at Gamescom and it looked incredibly amazing. I really hope the Vita version is pretty much the same experience. It is a good old Ratchet in gameplay, but with a really vibrant and colourful new graphic style.
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User Info: Klon_Redfield

3 years ago#15
EdwardDigital posted...
I've never played a Ratchet and Clank title before. I was messing around on a friends PSP a few years ago and played a couple minutes of Secret Agent Clank and one other more recent title that I can't remember the name of at a Target kiosk. I wasn't really feeling either of those but the series seems to have a big following. *shrugs* more games I guess

The PSP games are abysmal compared to the ones on PS2/PS3, I played Tools of Destruction a couple years back and it's amazing, R&C 1 is good too.
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