Revolutionary COMPILE HEART RPG hits the PS Vita on 10/31/2013!!!!

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I'm a tiny bit interested but I've never played these Neptunia games. I prefer RPGs on handhelds so if I ever get around to playing the series, it would be on the Vita.
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Is that somekind of hentai game? Those overly cute girl power games doesn't interest me in slightest.

Yes, its basically a boob fest game (from what I can see on ALL of the Hyperdimension cover art games). I seriously don't understand the appeal of these games #1 if I were single I'd just watch pron, or go get a real girl #2 if you have a girlfriend when...there's that.

I hate when developers feel the need to shoehorn sex appeal and sex into games/movies.

It is kinda a boobfest...I played mk2 on the ps3 for about an hour and stopped lol. In the beginning a girl is chained up and yet her boobs jiggle the whole time as she speaks...the party consists of girls...the battle system was fun tho but the frame rate was not great outside of battle.
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*slow clap to foxgamer92 and mike_411*

It's so very simple if you don't like the game then don't enter said topic about the game. Especially a hype thread.
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It's just a remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia. If you played it on the PS3 there will be no real reason to get the Vita version

Aside from having the remarkable ability of watching the minute long attack animations while on the go, this is a god send for the people who couldn't play on their TVs because they had to quickly turn it off when they reached this scene before anybody came into the room.

Side note: If you ever happen Google "neptunia bath" you shouldn't feel grossed out or ashamed because those two little girls in the tub, sharing a banana, are actually 1000 years old.

I totally just sold some people on this series, probably more than anybody has trying to defend it and hype the so-so gameplay and laughable writing. I should get some commission here.

that's actually the third game in the series that you linked. this is a remake of the first one.
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