A UMD drive in the Vita TV device would have made it absolutely perfect.

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VegantoKeens posted...
Japan has that? They can play BbS and CC on a Vita? Lucky bastards.

Actually, no, they can't. UMD Passport doesn't work for those titles, because they have to be on the PSN Store. They're not.

Lord_Vishana posted...
Actually, there is a device that allows you to convert UMD into digital. Unfortunately, it's only available in Japan. Everyone should have the ability to take advantage of it. :-(

It doesn't work the way you think it does. I'm pretty sure you can only use it with titles that are already on the PSN Store - you put the UMD in and then you connect to the store, and it'll let you download a digital copy at a reduced price.
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VegantoKeens posted...
Japan has that? They can play BbS and CC on a Vita? Lucky bastards.


Anyone whining about the UMD passport doesn't even know what the hell it does.

All they did was allow you to register very few games and get a digital code for a discount

It wasn't worth the effort to even have it.


Most of the games that worked with it, aren't anything people wanted or even heard of.
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Adding extra cost on production on a failed technology would make things perfect?

I don't think so Lordy.

That thing should stay dead. If not, a seperate attachment for those who really want one.
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UMDs were awful. I'm really glad they left them out of the Vita.
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There is nothing stopping them from making a UMD USB attachment later. This is not a portable Vita where the addition of a UMD for BC would have just turned the system into a bulky mess.