ok it's been a few months since I payed attention to Vita.. did I miss anything?

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Trails in the Sky Second Chapter was recently announced as a digital PSP game, and Final Fantasy Type-0 is becoming more likely with tweets from Yosh and Square. Adding to my anticipated RPGs Ys Celceta and FFX HD. Tri-Ace is making a Phantasy Star action RPG but it hasn't been announced for overseas. Someone sent an email right after its Japanese reveal asking about localization and they said "no plans right now", but I think that should be expected this early on. That seals its fate to a lot of people but we shouldn't jump to conclusions until it's been out in Japan for a while.
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....... starting to wonder if they were right about the Vita......

They were, most flop handhelds last a good 3 to 5 years before they are discontinued. Look at game gear, game.com, lynx, ngpc and wonderswan. When I say good I don't mean supported, just dangling on the market for 3 to 5 years and they all had a remodel or two also.

I still have my Game Gear. It's in MINT condition.
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I think Vita will pick up a bit after PS4 and Vita TV come out, but definitely no where near the extent of 3DS' success. And since no one mentioned it in this topic, Gravity Rush 2 was announced too.