ps vita games for a 9 yr old girl

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Get her Persona 4. That game is so desu.

desu ne?
splinter cell: blacklist......the latest game series turned generic shooter.
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I assume you're choosing vita because you said she likes to play fighters against you and you have one. if not, I would recommend the 3ds like a lot of people have said. ninty fans may get mad when it's stated, but the majority of games on their portables are aimed at kids. while I prefer my vita to my 3ds, if I was shopping for a kid, I'd definitely go 3ds too. there's also a better chance of any other junior gamers she knows, or may meet, owning one.

The majority of first party titles are aimed at all ages, not just kids.

They aren't exactly aimed at kids exclusively but that's the stigma, Nintendo has to either deal with or challenge.
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