Your last and next Vita purchase?

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3 years ago#31
Last purchase: Killzone
Next purchase: Probably Rayman Legends... or import One Piece... or Jak collection, yes I know it isnt as good as ps3, but I still want it.
PSN - S1lentsurviv0r
3 years ago#32
Mister Money posted...
Last: Sen no Kiseki Famitsu DX Pack (Just shipped from Nippon-Yasan for me, already out of stock).

Next: PS Vita-2000 (color TBD) and 64GB Memory Card (x2) and all related 2000 accessories in Tokyo in 2 weeks ^____________________^

gotta post a topic with pics. Id love to travel to Tokyo.
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3 years ago#33
Last : Soul sacrifice

Next: Batman arkham origins
3 years ago#34
Last Non-indie: The Walking Dead

Next: Ys: Memories of Celceta Silver Anniversary Edition. Really hyped for this ^_^
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Currently playing: Final Fantasy IX
3 years ago#35
INKU48 posted...
Last: Dragon's Crown

Next: Valhalla Knights 3

Same here.
"We have a Constitution to protect us from the rule of 'most reasonable people'." -Butters (not the one from South Park)
3 years ago#36
last:killzone mercenary
next:vahalla knights 3 or Ys
3 years ago#37
Last Purchase (i'm assuming this is excluding PS+ free downloads)-Guilty Gear Accent Core+R. Next purchase- Sorcery Saga:Curse of the Great Curry God.
Currently waiting the release of The Guided Fate Paradox (November), Disgaea D2 (October), Blazblue Chrono Phantasma and Witch and the Hundred Knights (2014)
3 years ago#38
last: touch my katamari in April
next: dunno
3 years ago#39
Last: Dragon's Crown
Next: Valhalla Knights 3 or Ys
3 years ago#40
last: P4G
next: killzone or ys (ys limited already fully pre ordered but i might get killzone in the interim)
"I can't begin to count the number of agents whose lives were saved by a cardboard box." -Snake
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