What are you playing on Vita right now?

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User Info: Trupp88

3 years ago#101
ReretReretovic posted...
Killzone Mercenary: Seems I am near the end now. Game is fun, apart from story not making much sense - a thing I've gotten used to in video games.
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - just warming up to it, it's incredibly complex imho. Should have probably bought Gods Eater instead, that one might suit my simpler-the-better taste more.
Treasures of Montezuma Blitz - funny how no one on my friend list plays this anymore so I'm constantly winning.

Killzone Merc is pretty decent. Do you play online?

User Info: ReretReretovic

3 years ago#102
^No, not really. 3G won't allow me to play online.
I once tried via WiFi but got my *** kicked so one experience is enough :)

User Info: Schrient

3 years ago#103
Persona 4 Golden. Halloween costumes!
Karneval is so cute

User Info: lassics_shadow

3 years ago#104
Ys Celceta

User Info: masked_yazoo

3 years ago#105
Atelier Totori and Fate/Extra
"Remember, kids...Chu-Chu died for your sins!"

User Info: Boney00

3 years ago#106
Spelunky. Make me stop! I'll move onto another game eventually once I get my Hell run.
PSN, Steam and NNID: Bones00 3DS FC: 3136 6642 8964

User Info: Dead-Dragon

3 years ago#107
Spelunky, Yggdra Union (PSP), Dragon's Crown

User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#108
Legend of Mana and Chrono Cross.
I'm gonna cut out your eyes and piss in the ****ing sockets! ~ Kaine

User Info: pencru

3 years ago#109
Silent Hill: Book of Memories.
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