Do you think Vita will have that one killer exclusive in its 3rd year?

#1Junpei_StupeiPosted 10/14/2013 6:18:00 PM
I'm talking about something in the likes of Crisis Core or Dissidia.

Do you think that will happen next year?

Because right now I'm still contemplating on whether to buy a Vita or 3DS.

Multi-plat games I currently want for the Vita:

Chaos Rings

Exclusives that I currently want for the 3DS:

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
Senran Kagura: Burst
Spirit Camera
Phoenix Wright 5

Take note that none of these are first-party, so I'm no fanboy of either. I own mostly Sony consoles by the way.

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#2j2zon2591Posted 10/14/2013 6:23:05 PM
You mean "selling" like Crisis Core to qualify as the "killer"?

#3kingbriannPosted 10/14/2013 6:25:18 PM
lmao no

but if they plan on releasing persona 5 as an exclusive for the vita, it will rake in some sales
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#4mishimarampoakuPosted 10/14/2013 6:29:31 PM
There will be exclusive games (I am not sure what you mean by killer exclusive, do you mean in terms of sales if so then probably not, however you shouldn't get a game system base on such shallow things). However, base on your list it seems that you don't really like what the ps vita is offering, I would recommend getting a 3DS then.

Some Exclusives: Soul Sacrifice, Ys: Memories of Celceta, Killzone Mercenary, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God, Danganronpa (next year), Demon Gaze(next year), Toukiden, Freedom Wars (next year?)

Kind of sad to see that you want chaos rings...
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#5INKU48Posted 10/14/2013 6:30:53 PM
If you consider Senran Kagura Burst and Spirit Camera killer exclusives then sure, something might come along that will be a killer app for you on the Vita.

For the general public? I highly doubt so. More good games, nothing that will be the killer app.
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#6SuperDogqHDPosted 10/14/2013 6:31:48 PM
Killer exclusive and it will sell 500k copies...whoo hoo

And you wonder why devs wont touch this
#7zandm7Posted 10/14/2013 6:34:35 PM
I think it will. Not in sales, but it will be a "killer" exclusive as in super awesome.

At least I hope :)
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#8rpglover13Posted 10/14/2013 6:41:43 PM
Basically a question of: Will the Vita get an English version of FF Type-0? I'm hoping it's a yes.