Any games on Vita where you can molotov everything?

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Poobert_Wilson posted...
I assume I'm missing a reference from TOTSE, am I right? If not, please explain. I am both young and none too l33t.

Some kid literally huffed raid on our advice on TOTSE CD

Lots of other hilarious stuff was done too, TOTSE was like what 4Chan's "look we're so edgy and coooool" population wishes it was, but not stupid and filled to the brim with children. My favourite was when we prank called Bill Keller's live prayer show till he even mentioned us on TV twice. Here's a video of just a few of the prank calls (I can't find the full compilation, because we did hundreds and basically saturated the lines till he "went to war" with us on public TV and then subsequently apologized and made up with us due to a moderator named Warweed:
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