Deception IV: Blood Ties Trailer, Ps3/Vita February 27, 2014 , 2014 us/ europe

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Last month, Tecmo Koei announced a new Deception game is in development for PlayStation 3 and Vita, called Deception IV: Blood Ties. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares some details on the latest installment of the strategy RPG series.

The producer of the game is Keisuke Kikuchi, best known as the creator of the Fatal Frame series. Hirotoaka Maeda who has done character designs for Square Enix, D3, and 5pb will also be lend a hand in designing the characters of Deception IV: Blood Ties. This time around, they’ll be putting more emphasis on the “evil” part of the game.

The protagonist is named Regrina, who is said to be the daughter of the devil. Her objective is to find the descendants of the twelve saints who sealed her father, and she will get help from three Mediums (Trap Summoners) in order to eliminate her target.

The three dark Mediums who’ll be helping her are the magnificent Kaelia, Lilia of humiliation, and Verza of cruelty.

Deception IV: Blood Ties has a huge Wizard Gear you can ride on, which can also be used as a trap. In the previous Deception games, you were only able to set three traps at a time, but this time it will allow for more set-ups. There will also be a new “Armor Break” system, that allows you to catch armored foes into traps and destroy their equipment.

Deception IV: Blood Ties is slated for release on February 27, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Vita.

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Someone already posted a topic about this:
But thanks for the trailer link.
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If it's not on my front page, I havn't seen it.
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That looks hilarious! On my radar now.
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What is it with the Japanese and cat women? They always tend to be really sexy and half naked. I am not really complaining, just making an observation. Having more than one protagonist looks interesting as well. I will most certainly be picking this up on release and it looks like I have time to finally finish the original Deception.

I also wonder why this board attracts such unpredictable users. I swear some people flip flop more than the average politician. One day you would swear someone is a troll and the next day they are posting positive topics about the Vita. ShadowFX is the exception though. To him the glass in not even half empty, it's always completely empty and he likes it that way.
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Now this game was made for GameFAQs.
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Fallen_Lord posted...
What is it with the Japanese and cat women? They always tend to be really sexy and half naked.

Princess Peach is in the next 'Mario Land 3D' game. She will have the opportunity to be a cat suit. Nintendo would gain a potential Wii U buyer if the above statement was even going to apply to that game.

Unrelated thought, but I'd hope a real life cat would see something like Felicia (Darkstalkers) on a high definition television, and somehow be flattered that humanity built its features into such a character.

I swear some people flip flop more than the average politician.

Ha, you can't mean U.S. politicians. If the political party I'm thinking of "flip-flopped" quicker, we wouldn't have gone so close to the edge of economical ruin before someone wrote up a deal.