Deception 4 Trailer

#1j2zon2591Posted 10/23/2013 11:04:22 PM
#2XphoenixedgeXPosted 10/23/2013 11:23:21 PM
Does anyone use the search function anymore before posting new topics?
Or even view the first page?

#3RoachmeatPosted 10/23/2013 11:43:32 PM
Every topic here will end up in the same place eventually, the abyss of the last page..

Besides, if I didn't check a gaming news site before coming here, I would have never known a trailer was out. Therefore, I would have never bothered to search for it either.

And on top of that, its a YOUtube link. So few posters know the value of a Youtube link over just sending me to a page that may choke my computer with all the **** pop-ups and flash playing in the background.

As for the trailer, I'm glad its not a teaser, but stop showing us so many trap CHAINS! (>_<)