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3 years ago#1
I havent been following DBZ for quite sometime, I know in Japan they released some new DBZ movies something about one in Egypt then another called Goku & his Friends this is about Vegeta's Brother one who can not Fight.

I know that this new DBZ game has a Royal Rumble deal but I doubt it will return with the Character Creation such as Ultimate Tenkiachi did. I dont even know if the game even has a Story Mode in it. To me seems to be Straight Fightining with No Meat on it.

I also keep on hearing that the game could be a Digital Only Title but I have been seeing it listed on several Retailers as a Physical Stick also it is on the PS3 also.

Can someone give me the info on Battle for Z
3 years ago#2
It is digital only on in the US for the PS Vita, everywhere else will have collector's editions, and physical editions. If you search Battle of Z, and go to the PS3 board for the game, you can find all of the latest news and discussions.
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3 years ago#3
Thanks, done got the info for it myself, Wiki & also through Google, 1st game to use Goku's new Super God Mode this is Red Hair without his Siayan Tail I think this is from the new DBZ Movie in Japan called Battle of the Gods. Also 2 new Enemies also I noticed.

To me this game is a renter not a Buyer & I think I will just stick with Ultimate Tenkiachi.

I hope next year FUNimation will localize those 2 new DBZ Films Goku & His Friends & Battle of the Gods. & I think this game is loosely based on that film Battle of the Gods.

Hence the 2 Bosses from that Feature & also Goku's new God Form which he also done in that same FIlm.

I will just wait & rent the PS3 version from Gamefly Next Year.

Being in games for 30 years I have become good on digging for info on my games, this is why I know so much on Dragon Age Inquistion that & I am a Dragon Age expert.
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