Persona 5 Vita 2018 or 2019!!! (Most likely) Don't worry guys, Vita will get P5!

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US Releases:

Persona 3: August 2007
Persona 3 Portable: July 2010
Approx 3 years

Persona 4: December 2008
Persona 4 Golden: November 2012
Approx 4 years

So we'll get Persona 5 on PS3 in 2015. Add 3 or 4 years and you can expect to see P5 on Vita in 2018 or 2019!

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How do you vita owners not also have ps3? Did you sell it to pay for your Vita?

It's called not buying one in the first place.

They're cheap now and if you like persona you probably tend to like jrpgs in general and since the ps3 has plenty why wouldn't you buy one?
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pretty sure Vita will stop production by then

alongside the wii u brah?

Lol the desperation

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Never. Just some PS3 Gaikai Streaming **** by that time.

Dat Remowt Pley

"That Remote Play."
english freaking learn it.

Sowee teetsur. I kirr may keedz as sacrapafiez 2 apez ur igo.

It took me some time to figure out just what you said...but it did make me laugh.

At any rate, will Vita even be a viable platform for another Persona port? It has future potential going for it now, but if things haven't improved by 2018...
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j2zon2591 posted...
Never. Just some PS3 Gaikai Streaming **** by that time.

Dat Remowt Pley

Even with the typo, has no one considered this?

The first thing I thought when I heard Persona 5 was going on the PS3 I thought "remote play."
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It's sad that this is all vita fans have to look forward to it seems.
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