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3 years ago#1
Planning to get 3 monster hunter type of games for PSP on PSN tomorrow..

So far im lookin towards Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Gods Eater Burst, and Lord of Arcana..

any that I'm missing?
3 years ago#2
arcana is bad and you should ignore it.
3 years ago#3
Wait for toukiden. It is also on psp but I am not sure if the psp version will release in the west. It should since it is the same game at least on psn
3 years ago#4
Toukiden and Ragnarok are just around the corner
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3 years ago#5
Um basically I am new to the genre. Soul Sacirifice is like one of the coolest things ever to me so I wanna check out other games. Im not very picky and money is not an issue. I just asked if there is other PSP titles on PSN for the genre. I am WELL AWARE of the VITA games out and coming out.
3 years ago#6
MHFU and GEB are great choices.

Pass on LOC.

I would recommend Peace Walker as your third purchase. While not 100% the same as MHFU and GEB. It's still a hub mission based game with a military tone that's a great game that might prevent you form getting burn out on pure monster hunting.

How would I love to tell you to grab Phantasy Star Portable 2 but its no longer with us.
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