Name a PlayStation (PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSV) game you never finished and regret it

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Ps1 final fantasy 8
Ps2 final fantasy 12
Ps3 final fantasy 13

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Hmmm... regret not finishing? I can think of several I regret buying in the first place.


Like: IL-2 Sturmovic, high rated on home consoles, passable on the DS, horrible on the PSP, now selling for $29.99 on PSN. What? I bought mine for $19.99 at Gamestop, Buyer's regret in the first 10 minutes, great intro movie, terribad gameplay. Modnation Racers? Highly hyped, a terrible PSP game. Paid first-rank game price for it, too. Ouch! Assassin's Creed PSP? Ouch! Hundreds of games, a few outstanding, some sort of OK fun, a lot pure junk.

Also.. if a game can't maintain my interest, why would I regret not finishing it? A lot of games, I finish, and continue with the postgame content, or, like Monster Hunter, are endless, but I don't ever regret abandoning a game if it stops being fun.
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If i regret not finishing a game, i'd just go and finish it.


Not when it's a big RPG and you don't remember anything that was going on.

Or when you grow up and have a job, a wife and responsabilities. I still have games from when I was in middle school I will never finish. Last count my backlog was 200+.
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