PSA: Toukiden is a PSP game, the Vita game is PSP quality.

#41GameDesignerSagePosted 1/13/2014 9:49:54 PM
Base platform for Toukiden was Vita. It was then down ported to PSP. Flopix confirmed.
#42JRocketRPosted 1/15/2014 10:44:12 PM
Leaps and bound better than the PSP version. With Deception IV, Dynasty Warriors 8 XL:CE, and possibly Atelier Ayesha Plus, New Atelier Rorona, Samurai Warriors 4 and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, I appreciate Koei-Tecmo for giving a lot of Western support for Vita.

Wonder where TC went though.
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GigaDogqHD posted...
talesfan215 posted...
GigaDogqHD posted...
Vita owners will take and talk up anything:

Ragnarok Odysey
VK3 (lol)
Sorcery Saga
ports of indies
indies of ports

...and on and on

Toukiden looks good though. This game has nothing to do with what you're stating here.

One good game every 6 months good enough for you? Look at the abysmal list from 2013 and look at 2014. Its embarassing.

You mean 3 or 4 games every week???
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If you think its PSP quality you really need to go back & play/look at PSP games.
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Semi45a posted...
So why is it so hyped?

As if there's anything better to play...
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GigaDogqHD posted...
One good game every 6 months good enough for you? Look at the abysmal list from 2013 and look at 2014. Its embarassing.

Wut? For the next 3 months, the upcoming Vita games is pretty solid if you ask me:

February: Danganronpa, Toukiden, Ragnarok ACE (US); Super Heroine Chronicles, Deception IV: Blood Ties (JAP)

March: Final Fantasy X & X-2 (US); Project Diva f 2nd, Natural Doctrine, Sengoku Musou 4, Neptunia Rebirth 2, J-Stars Victory VS, Soul Sacrifice Delta (JAP)

April: Conception II, Demon Gaze (US); Super Robot Wars Z3, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, Planet Destroyer: Black Heart (JAP)
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TC has terrible eyesight...

I ain't got perfect vision but I can clearly see the difference in those photos. Take a look at the character customization screen picture for example. The quality has been increased even the dude's facial expression changed lol.

On another note, this game just made me interested in getting a Vita anytime soon. I'm also hoping for the possibility of GE2 (or its burst equivalent) being released overseas.
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PSP port with an better resolution and dual stick control. Probably mediocre at that.
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GigaDogqHD posted...
I just give my opinion sometimes good, mostly bad

Sadly, I'm gonna have to agree that your opinions are mostly bad.

Anyway, TC is on crack if he thinks bottom left and bottom right are the same quality:
#50gohoanqPosted 1/18/2014 1:05:01 PM
You're full of it TC.. lol The demo alone was way better quality than any PSP game I've played.
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