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SOA or Akiba's Trip?
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moha238318/20 4:02AM
What happened to Knights in the nightmare in Australia?Trailblazer3438/20 4:00AM
is kiritoe the illest vita MC?lordzez108/20 3:55AM
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How were people plugging in the charger upside down?mmpepsi88/20 1:53AM
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Trailblazer34238/20 1:35AM
Question about the Ratchet & Clank CollectionWiseWarrior10178/20 1:06AM
Not sure which of these games to getjordan_rave98/20 12:43AM
I wasn't worried about Tales of Hearts R's localization before, but with SAO...
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OrangeCrush980128/20 12:27AM
how long does rebuilding database take?Sami100048/20 12:03AM
Never played DisgaeaFarMaster200858/19 11:31PM
The Vita is alive but question is....FarMaster200858/19 11:27PM
P4G reaches second place2ylyt58/19 11:14PM
Is there some legal or technical reason Sony doesn't allow...alexg198928/19 11:00PM
Would you buy upgraded version of .hack//link.
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Young_Wiz348/19 10:50PM
So conflicted on the vita...Trailblazer34108/19 10:34PM
Wait, SOA is that game with the endless glopping where MC sleeps with teens?
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Soul_Alchemist358/19 10:33PM
Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment = Valhalla Knights 3 2.0?
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LemonKweenstaaa118/19 10:30PM
The SAO translation is pretty good.MyCheeseIsSoFat58/19 10:21PM
I just bought SAO now and you should do it too for the sake of Vita
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KillZoneAI218/19 10:16PM