How to make the Vita a commercial success

#1emptytunacanPosted 1/22/2014 12:23:05 PM
I have both the Vita and the 3DS and by far spend more time with the Vita, but this is in large part due to indie downloadable games and the large selection of PSP games available for download. There are some great bigger budget titles, but with the poor sales of the Vita it seems to be in question how many more of these we will see.

Sony already had a major price drop, but this has done little to improve the Vita's sales.

So, if you were a Sony executive what would you do to turn things around?

I'll kick it off...

I would capitalize on the success of the PS4 and give away a free Vita with the sale of every PS4 until the end of the year.
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Make the Vita shock, fire, and water proof then brag about it.
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I'll get it games like GTAV and Watchdogs.
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1: PS4 PSVita bundle 110$ more than the PS4 alone
2: come out with sequels to well known Sony IPs
3: come out with colors and special editions of both versions in America while keeping the old version with 3G as an option
4: drop the price by 30$
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Lose the console quality on the go you can also play your console games here mentality.
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Slow down on the ports, indies, ports of indies, and indies of ports. Get some Vita EXCLUSIVE games:

FF Type 0
New Dissidia
New Bioshock
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How about some commericals. It's pretty obvious the only two highly sold games where ones that where featured in commericals. And they sold but where garbage games.

It needs some damn ads.
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GigaDogqHD posted...
Slow down on the ports, indies, ports of indies, and indies of ports. Get some Vita EXCLUSIVE games:

FF Type 0
New Dissidia

Those 3 games would be enough for me to rebuy a vita.
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All Sony need do is allow the Vita to use a regular old SD card. If that happens a lot of people would buy one.
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