Anyone else concerned about how quickly enhanced versions of games are announced

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I am not concerned. Actually the opposite. This is how it has been in Japan for years. I am glad Japan has decided to start doing this with more games, VS waiting 2 years to release a game like MH4. I think the issue is what games they are doing this with. Monster Hunter 4 would be nice Valhalla Knights is asking for fail.
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Lord_Vishana posted...
Rjmhart posted...
If I buy the original I will probably not buy the enhanced version.

If I am on the fence about buying the original I am now more reluctant in case there is an enhanced version.

That makes sense since we are almost guaranteed an enhanced version of games now. I'm starting to think certain developers are deliberately withholding already existing content on an original version and saving it for enhanced version. While I understand the reasoning behind it, it's still a naughty thing to do.

Developers have been cutting and/or "relocating" content on the Vita for a while now e.g. The Amazing Spiderman and Killzone Mercenary.
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This is why I rarely buy games at launch, especially if the series is known for this kind of release. IIRC, the last game I got kind of burned by this was Dragon's Dogma. I mean, it's an open world action RPG. I didn't expect it to be rereleased with new content and such. Then again, it is a Capcom game. Should have saw it coming.

This is the reason I avoid the Dynasty Warriors series now. I love the games but their release pattern is pretty terrible. Release base game, soon after announce an Xtreme Legends add on at almost full price. After that gets localized, announce the next installment of the cross over series which practically makes the base game and its expansion moot, IMO.
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I don't mind when the enhanced version is the only version to ship outside of Japan or something. I would hate to pay for a game and less than a year later have to rebuy it to experience new content.
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JulesNeci posted...
Not interested in MH clones other than God Eater and maybe Freedom Wars, so I'm not really concerned about SS Delta, RO Ace and VK3 Gold.

VK3 isn't a MH clone at all. It's a dungeon-crawler.
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Nnamz posted...
Rjmhart posted...
If I buy the original I will probably not buy the enhanced version.

If I am on the fence about buying the original I am now more reluctant in case there is an enhanced version.


If I bought and am happy with my purchase before the enhanced version comes out, why would I be upset at an enhanced version all of a sudden? If it has enough content to justify a purchase, I'll pick it up. If not, I'll stick to the regular version. I don't understand why people who were happy with the version they had would suddenly be upset at a better version being announced. It doesn't somehow become garbage.

Though I suppose it depends on the game. I in no way regret my vanilla SF4 purchase since I got it at launch and put over 1000 online matches into it, but as soon as SSF4 came out that game was DEAD online.....

I'm not saying that it suddenly invalidates the original. I'm happy with enhanced versions as they usually bring a lot of new content to a game. I just kinda feel like they're announced a bit too soon after the release of an original version. Enhanced versions aren't any new to Japan or other regions, but they do seem more hastily announced compared to years ago.

As another person said, this primarily affects Japanese gamers and those of us who import. A localization of an enhanced version of a game is obviously better than a localized original version. Hypothetically speaking, if tomorrow GE2 were announced for localization and a month later GEB2 were announced for Japan without any possibility of localization it would lead to resentment from some people over not getting the enhanced version. This exact scenario happened with DQM: Joker 2 Professional.

Having the enhanced content available for purchase as DLC does make sense as it's nothing that fundamentally changes the game. Few games have done this like Bravely Default and I'm pretty sure you'll be able to purchase the enhanced "Gold" content for Valhalla Knights 3.
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If the enhanced versions are cheaper, and really finestunes stuff like graphics and game mechanics, and adds bunch of new stuff i don't mind.

But if this is the new bisness practice where companies start doing enchanced remakes, and charge full price again, before they announce new games and adds bunch of dlc for the remake then i will be angry, and hate it.
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When only 1 version hits a place (So like the EU with like Bravely and MH4) it's not bad, but Soul Sac really grates.
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The ones of the 3DS are really for the Western market, to compensate for the long wait for the localization. But since they are enhancing them for the Western market, they figure why not release it in the East too.

The ones of the Vita are for milking purpose.