What should be the next game I get?

#12wingedangelPosted 2/6/2014 8:12:18 PM
Which of these games? - Results (158 votes)
Wipeout 2048
5.06% (8 votes)
Persona 4 Golden
36.08% (57 votes)
Gravity Rush
8.23% (13 votes)
Touch My Katamari
1.9% (3 votes)
12.66% (20 votes)
1.27% (2 votes)
Soul Sacrifice
7.59% (12 votes)
5.7% (9 votes)
15.19% (24 votes)
Other (please specify)
6.33% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Right now, aside from Hotline Miami and Spelunky, pretty much my entire library consists of RPGs or similar games. I'm trying to take a break from that and try to get into something a bit more engaging and/or action-packed (I'll also go for those that have a decent amount of trophies).

Thanks in advance, and feel free to ask about my gaming preferences.
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#2zezprahPosted 2/6/2014 8:20:38 PM

or toukiden
#3nophoriaPosted 2/6/2014 8:22:20 PM
I would say P4G but it is heavily story driven, more action packed would be like Soul Sacrifice or Toukiden, which I voted for.
#4biorock4864Posted 2/6/2014 8:33:07 PM
Gravity Rush
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#5trick2002caPosted 2/6/2014 8:52:59 PM
Olliolli is a great fun simple skateboarding game but is difficult to master... Or get terraria a 2D side scrolling minecraft type of game but with bosses and a hard mode once you beat the normal bosses
#6Veemon_XPosted 2/6/2014 9:02:52 PM
Persona 4 Golden is a must have for the Vita, but that game can easily last you upto 100 hours. If you want to avoid games that would take up that much time for now, I'd highly recommend picking it up some time in the future.

I'd recommend Gravity Rush next. Good action game if you're looking for something engaging.
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#7tizorresPosted 2/6/2014 9:10:08 PM
If you have/get PS+ you can get Gravity Rush and Wipeout for "free" and some of those games at a discount.
#8Justice98405Posted 2/6/2014 9:21:40 PM
Persona 4 Golden, with Gravity Rush as a close second.

I haven't played a lot of my P4G, but I can see how so many people put so much time into it, it's a really well made game with awesome production values in basically all the areas of the game.
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#9zandm7Posted 2/6/2014 9:39:03 PM
I'd say P4G by far, because personally it's like one of my favorite games of all time. And it is the singular game that really got me into JRPGs.
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#10DrakillionPosted 2/6/2014 11:12:13 PM
If you like to try something different, I recommend Danganronpa.

If you want to play it safe, I recommend Ys: Memories of Celceta.
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