What is some cool features for the Vita?

#21Riyo_chanPosted 2/9/2014 12:59:52 PM
Then you should have plenty to enjoy on the Vita, it also has some good indie titles (I hear Starbound will be released on Vita eventually, and from what I've seen that looks like fun), Terraria is pretty cool, and Playstation Mobile has a couple of decent games on it (although they don't have any kind of trophies if that's a deal breaker)

Although there are a few of the PSP RPG's not on PSN (Star Ocean 1 and 2 remakes are the ones I want most) there's a lot of the good RPGs from PSX and PSP era up

Theres's also a lot of Vita RPGs (the Atelier series are enhanced ports of the PS3 games, although the first in the series Rorona isn't out in english, but they're considering porting, Totori and Meruru are great) and it seems like more of the Japanese games are being brought over now (controversial as it is, Monster Monpiece is something I never thought would ever be localized, if you can get over the fanservice side it looks like a fun card game, there's rumours that Shinovi Versus will be released too this year, at least in the US by Xseed....it's a Basara style game with the Senran Kagura universe which makes it something I want....Hyperdimension Neptunia is being ported to Vita too in Japan, I'm hoping we'll see that)

As for games you can get RIGHT NOW, Soul Sacrifice is great, the story is good because you end up having to choose to kill people you've been fighting alongside for a while (the whole system of saving and sacrificing is good too, basically sacrificing makes your attack stronger while saving increases defence....I feel like a horrible person for sacrificing the kitties that become monsters, but to gain power, there's always a cost) Person 4 Golden is highly regarded, but I have yet to play it, Ragnarok Odyysey ACE is out in the US soon, the first one was a decent hunting game with norse myth as a basis (done in a very anime style) and ACE improves on it, Gravity Rush is good, it's got an interesting gravity manipulation mechanic and the comic book style is cool, Disgaea 3 is a Vita port which is good if you like the series....fighting game wise you have Dead or Alive (warning, if you want all the DLC it'll cost you, but it's mostly just bikinis and fanservice outfits) and Blazblue (although you may want to wait because apparently the newest version is getting a Vita port) I think there's a version of Injustice (not sure) and a DBZ game

So yeah, it's a good buy if you like at least some games on it
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