Final round? Vita vs 3DS!

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Spiffy247 posted...
I really don't care which one is superior. I really likeboth systems, and I just hope each does well enough to have another handheld by both companies.

While I do not care about future handhelds, like this poster, I too hope both systems release a good number of exclusives for me. Because I don't like wasting money. Right now the vita is like the ouya for me, something nice to play when bored and the other systems have nothing for me to play.

Besides TC it's hard to say. Vita has a lot going for it if you never played ps1, ps2 and psp. Likewise for the 3ds, if you never played a Ds you're in for a treat.
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Why argue when you can just own both but to
answer this question, it all come down to what
game you like.
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final round ? 2 years in?
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nyannyan91 posted...
Why argue when you can just own both but to
answer this question, it all come down to what
game you like.


They offer two very different experiences.
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Vita still rocks...with Awesome Graphic
3DS can't handle it...but Wii U Gamepad is Great is look similiar with Vita
Just can't wait Nintendo release Portable like PSVita with PS4 System Graphics if there...i wish
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This is the Vita board....So....
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Android !
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So whose alt is the TC then? I find it so hard to keep track nowadays. Is he that guy who was around with 3 alts at the same time all hating on the Vita or someone else?
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its obvious which is superior. One has a lot of ports and indies and has poor sales. while the other has plenty of original games with few ports and excellent sales. That is to say I love both my systems but I enjoy the 3DS more. I am sincerely enjoying Trigger Happy Havoc though. hopefully i can hit 15 vita games by the end of the year( have 12) right now. while i have 29 3DS games.

Also i wish people would stop with these topics already
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