Does anyone treat their Vita as a "home" console?

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2 years ago#21
Nagisa_Shinju posted...
Yep, it's a home console in my eyes. I only really take my 3DS out and that's more for Streetpass features than actual gameplay. Those analog sticks don't help either. Don't want them breaking on me.

Barring malicious and willful destruction has there ever been a case of vita analogs breaking? Everyone says they are flimsy and what not but they just feel that way they are actually quite durable never heard of a single case where a vita's analog sticks were accidently damaged to the point where it effected gameplay in anyway.
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2 years ago#22
My PSP and my Vita are my only devices, really. I have a PS2, a Wii, a DS, computers and all that, but my handhelds are my video game devices for sure. I pretty much don't play anything other than my PSP or Vita unless my kids want to play something with me.
They're not allowed to touch my PSP or Vita.
2 years ago#23
^^^ haha

that's some mighty fine parenting there...

the only game system I own is a Vita...

the only time I can see myself playing a home console is again is for MGSV...
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2 years ago#24
This is why the Vita TV needs to be everywhere. Then it really becomes a home console.
2 years ago#25
I don't take the train anymore so it's pretty much a home console at this point.
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2 years ago#26
Mine stays on it's little vita stand ready for me at any time. I have taken it out on a few long business trips but only used it a short while. Now it is my home console and oddly the one I use the most.
2 years ago#27
A Vita definitely can't take the beating a 3DS can. Nintendo makes their stuff childproof.
I never had any problems with stuff getting damaged on the go though.
I take my Vita everywhere, but rarely have a chance to actually use it outside my home.

I definitely think the Vita is most enjoyed when not at home.
The Vita is really the home-away-from-home console.
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2 years ago#28
My PSP has never left my house, and I've done the same with my Vita so far and it'll probably stay that way. If I want portable gaming, I take a Nintendo handheld because they're more durable and the games are better for short bursts. Sony handhelds tends to have more console-like gaming experiences, so I prefer to just play them at home anyway. Even though it's at home, it still feels a lot different from playing a console, though. It feels like less a commitment, more private, and I can pack it around and sit or lie wherever or however I want.
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2 years ago#29
hitechno posted...

The Vita is really the home-away-from-home console.

Oh wait, I think he was being serious...
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2 years ago#30
I hardly travel with any of my handhelds. I mostly game at home and since i live minutes away from home I hardly have a commute. There ARE games that I prefer to game at work during breaks and lunch but most of those are turn based rpgs so now I plan on taking my 3DS to work for Bravely Default. Such a great game. I wish it was on the Vita because any game that's on both system, I always prefer to get it on Vita. oh well atleast I get to play it.
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