Vita 2000 is the best Vita version

#51highndry18Posted 2/28/2014 1:14:30 AM
I'm one of those people who believed what they said about the 2000's LCD screen not being a downgrade and has no significant difference to he 1000's OLED screen. I bought my 2nd Vita, being the 2000 model, because I wanted a separate one for my US account (first one's using Asia).

Wrong wrong wrong WRONG. Immediately I noticed how WASHED OUT everything looked on the home screen. Yuck. Granted, the 2000 is lighter and has bigger Select and Start buttons, but those weren't enough as consolation for the terrible screen, not even the supposed longer battery life. A week later I sold it off second-hand and got myself a new 1000 model instead. I couldn't be happier.

The screen makes ALL the difference. The sad thing is that where I live, the 2000 model is actually 80 bucks more expensive than the 1000. Here I thought that the 2000 model was supposed to be a cheaper variant.
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Can you import a 2000 and use it in full on english playing NA games with no problems.If so whats the best place to import from?
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#53IcedEarthaholicPosted 3/2/2014 8:26:34 AM
Yeah, I looked at a screen comparison video of the 1000 vs. the 2000 model, good lord it is night and day. A shame because everything else on the 2000 looked improved compared to the original, but the screen is a glaring issue. Like literally everything on it looked washed out from what I could tell. I'm sorry, but I am going to hold off for a Vita 3000 model, and see if they put the OLED back in, because the LCD just looked like ass compared to the OLED.
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cabcalloway1983 posted...
Can you import a 2000 and use it in full on english playing NA games with no problems.If so whats the best place to import from?

When the system boots up, just select english and your good to go. The only issues will be with the "x" and "o", as they are reversed in regards to the US. This is only a problem in the home screen when selecting games with the physical controls. Any US game will still funtion the same within the game, so it's really hardly ever an issue.

EDIT:And in regards to importing, I would go with NCSX in the US. They have great service with many different shipping options. Plus, if you have any issues with your unit, they are located in the US, so your not dealing with excess charges to return to Asia.
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I just ordered a ps vita. Was going to get the slim but after reading that the battery is, according to multiple sources, only about an hour better I went with the cheaper 3G 1000. I like that it has the premium finish, is slightly bigger (I have big hands) and is going to come with Toukiden and a 16GB memory card for $45 less than a 2000 with no extras delivered. The OLED is icing on the cake.
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hardly ever take my out, so oled wins.
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