OLED = suck

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2 years ago#21
you do know the black spots only show if you are playing in a dark room with like no lights at all, and if they are showing up at all times, light or dark, then you should have just taken better care of you things little kid
2 years ago#22
I still have not seen this so called splotches . Then again i don't play in complete darkness
in-fact your not suppose to not on a normal t.v or lcd or oled only reason the movie theater is dark is since you wouldn't be able to see the movie with he lights on
2 years ago#23
The only time I saw any splotches on my Vita were when I tried to put a screen protector on it and ended up with lots of air bubbles. Ripped that protector off and the screen looks fine.

Guess I'm just lucky to not have this issue.
I've been gaming since the '70's. I've seen/played/been-there-done-that all before and now I'm bored.
2 years ago#24
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