64gb memory card question

#1beelzemon01Posted 3/4/2014 8:10:37 PM
So I've filled up my 16gb card and have decided to upgrade again and one last time hopefully so im just going to go for the 64gb and skip the 32gb. I started with the 4gb then 8gb and those filled up quickly and now with the sale going on and upcoming I cant fit those games on the 16gb and will be away from my ps3 to back up so I want to get the 64gb my question is what is the best place to order it from ive heard people ordering them from nippon yassan is that the best place to get it because I checked and they have them for 94 + shipping.
#2ThraylPosted 3/4/2014 8:30:06 PM
I picked mine up from play-asia since i trusted it more but it was a bit more expensive. The folks on neogaf seemed to not have a problem from ordering from nippon. It is nice not having to worry about space.

I have something like 25 digital Vita games of various sizes (mine and from PS+), 16 psp games and 10 psp games plus music and demos. Still plenty space left =)
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I heard play asia is more expensive than nippon but ive also heard nippon is kind slow on the shipping
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Its up to you nippon yasan takes 3 days to do the shipping but you save around 20 dollars
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Nippon was perfect for me $111 including the foreign trans fee.
3 days pick fed ex air.
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I guess I'll order it from nippon im willing to wait a couple of days to save a few bucks.
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I dont know if anybody has had this trouble with nippon but im trying to order a 64gb but it just says it cant be processed and emptys my cart can somebody help me with this.
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Is Sony ever going to sell these in the West so we don't have to import?

I spent 100 on a 16GB card, so I find it hard to muster the will to import another card for about the same price that will probably fill up just as quickly.
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#10beelzemon01(Topic Creator)Posted 3/4/2014 11:30:11 PM
I couldn't get it to work with nippon yassan so I just ordered it from amazon for 120