Media Create Week 10 - Sacrifices and Ghosts creep the sales (2)

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Wildboy9 posted...
Digital Sales are added to Media Create?

No, Media Create has been doing a separate list for digital sales, I think they release it monthly.
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What you're missing is basic reading skills.
They did not say each game individually sells ~2:1 in terms of physical:digital.
They're saying cumulatively vita games have been 48% digital sales. They're counting ps1, PSM and psp games as vita games going by their initial statement that the vita has over 1000 games, making the 48% an inflated and pretty useless info.

Anyways, the article has nothing to do with Japan or digitital sale trends for individual games.
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Sonytendo already explained in a much nicer way, so your rude input was no longer needed Goodgrief. I am new here, so lambaste me for not being in the lingo some more why don't you?
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Suck an egg
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OhGoodGrief posted...
Suck an egg

it's nickpampers2 aka mark, don't bother wasting your time with him.
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GoodGrief insults me and Lambastes me, and Sagadego still feels the need to go into disk repeat mode when totally uncalled for. What he is saying is also a lie. Stay salty bro.