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#1FinalBlink2009Posted 3/17/2014 7:42:39 AM
Having lived in the UK all my life, my PSN has a lot of games and trophies. I recently moved permanently to the USA and while buying physical games hasn't been a problem, with Final Fantasy X-2 being digital only, Ive decided to bite the bullet and create a NA account.

Of course I know the Vita will not allow me to have simultaneous accounts on the Vita so the decision didn't come easily. Luckily when it comes to time to get a PS3 I will be able to log into my old EU account and re-download my PSN games and then use my US account to play on them which isn't too bad. As my American Wife put it: "just means you can get the trophies all over again"

Now onto my question, I fully intend to back up my Vita on my PC before I reset it in order to put my NA account onto it.

What I am asking is, once I have done all this, would I be able to transfer my games from my PC back onto my Vita with the new account? I have a few PS1 Classics (FF7,8,9, MGS1, Resident Evil etc) which I would love to still play on my Vita.

Worse comes to worse, I can re-buy these PS1 games off the NA store when they have a sale (they probably are cheap as hell by now as it is), I just wanted to ask.
#2tuna-eggPosted 3/17/2014 8:43:12 AM
All games are account-locked, so if you bought those PS1 games using your UK PSN account, you will not be able to transfer them to your NA account PS Vita.
#3FinalBlink2009(Topic Creator)Posted 3/17/2014 8:46:20 AM
"sighs" ok, thankyou for clearing that up for me. Looks like ill have to re-buy them at some point then