Conception 2 and Demon Gaze in a month. How pumped are you?

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DG 7.5 (I'm interested in the genre, but never found a decent starting game, unless Persona 3/4 and the Digimon Story games count).

Conception 4.5. Might be interesting, but the premise seems a little too weird, and something about the status screens of the Star Children that Game Informer bothers me for some reason. Can't place it, it just reminds me of some game I didn't like).

Conception is closer to Persona 3/4 than Demon Gaze.

If you're looking for a good intro into dungeon crawling, I would suggest EOIII. IV will ease you in and has more forgiving dungeons, but III has dungeons you'll be proud to clear and an extensive amount of online tools to assist you

Thanks for the info.
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