Ragnarok Odyssey ACE or Conception II

#11Miu_sanPosted 3/21/2014 9:37:30 AM
Why all the need for speculation? There's the AS/HK demo of ROA that's in English and the JP demo of Con 2 on the respective PSNs available for the taking.
The former is an improvement of an okay game, the latter is so plain it makes Fate/Extra CCC look like the holy grail; which we never got.
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Ragnarok is a more DMC/DBZ style fighting (fast, areial, flip, and smack combat) dont know how Ace is yet. but i found it WAAAAAAAAYYY more fun than Toukiden, the bosses in RO do more than random swipes at air and constantly run or spam AoE moves. they actually attack you with some intellegence and it feels like they are actually trying to kill you. the problem with the first RO was drop rates(wich were no worse than a MH) and hordes of small monsters could keep you in a knock down loop till dead. but that has been said to have been fixed. it also has a very social aspect to the game online (more like the phantasy stars on psp minus the "i need gf rooms." you can type out anything you need to say, set shortcut macros for quick use in battle but can still type things out in battle, way more poses and emoticons than Toukiden also)
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#13EmiacPosted 3/21/2014 11:58:11 AM
ROA = juiced-up nordic fantasy hunting game (RO is one of the best on VITA imo)
Conception 2 = turn based RPG where main character creates children for fighting

Obviously ROA. I've already pre-ordered it.
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Conception, RO is bland IMO.
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I was on the fence for RO:A, but yeah. A must buy for me.
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coolio2cool posted...
Which should I buy?? I never played the original RO, thought i'd mention

Conception II
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Not sure if anyone cares, but i went ahead and pre-ordered Conception II instead of ROA. Thanks all for the input!
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