i would pay up to 50$ for an nhl game right now

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User Info: TPerryoo7

3 years ago#41
Yea the NES one was rad... But can't say the same about the playstation version.

I would pay 59 for an NHL game right now aswell. We had a few gretzkys on PSP...why can't we get ONE NHL game in vita!

User Info: weezhead

3 years ago#42
seriously not trying to bump my topic but i wanted to extend a solid THANK YOU to all that participated.

Everyone including the non sport /hockey guys n gals were very nice and civil and i want you to know that you all helped gave an aging disabled gamer a great night of some fun(trolling,flaming free) hockey game memories and i am most the most thankful for that.

Now obviously i have been way too serious so would one of the funnier sarcastic guys or trolls i ask of you to sign this topic out by hitting me hard , or hockey or whatever, with this huge softball of emotions ive lobbed at you ,please and ty.

as they say here in philly. "good night and good hockey"

User Info: weezhead

3 years ago#43
seriously? nobody wants to sharpen thier flaming, trolling,sarcasm,jokes or other skills on an overly emotinal, boringly friendly,annoyingly honest, horrible spelling, wall o txt, blogfaqs,old man that started a stupid hockey topic on the "p4g or die" vita boards.
if your afraid of geting modded make it funny instead of intentionly mean or attackingly disrespectful.

User Info: ecco6t9

3 years ago#44
Lum_Yatsura posted...
I almost feel sorry for Nintendo handhelds. GBA NHL 2002 was the last EA release.

We did get NHL Hitz 2003 from Midway.
Time Magazine's Man Of The Year 2006.


3 years ago#45
id be more into a basketball game

User Info: Focian

3 years ago#46
I want something like the PSN/XBLA game '3 on 3 NHL'.

That kinda game would be perfect for the Vita.
GT/PSN: Focian
The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect; So hard to earn, so easily burned.
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  3. i would pay up to 50$ for an nhl game right now

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