What is your favorite Vita game so far?

#1VerySolidusSnakPosted 3/30/2014 12:36:33 PM
Mine is Killzone Mercenary.
Ever since I had a psp, I loved games like Socom FTB3 and Resistance Retribution, but felt that those games needed console like controls to be even greater. This is the type game I always wanted in a portable.
#2PJB-11Posted 3/30/2014 12:52:45 PM
Mine's a tie between Uncharted and Hotline Miami. I couldn't pick. Platinumed both. Wish I could delete the trophies and do it again.
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#3GreenmonPosted 3/30/2014 12:53:40 PM
Nothing beats P4G yet for me, though FFXHD might change that soon.
#4TehTrumpCardPosted 3/30/2014 12:56:14 PM
Soul Sacrifice. Can't wait for Delta to be released since it might make me start playing again.
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#5Final Fantasy2389Posted 3/30/2014 12:58:50 PM
Persona 4 Golden.
#6dancer62Posted 3/30/2014 1:00:00 PM
Favorite Vita game: Earth Defense Force 2017

Favorite game on Vita: MHFU
I'm waiting for Bandai to release the WonderSwan/SwanCrystal II and blow both the Vita and the 3DS away.
#7knob1701Posted 3/30/2014 1:00:20 PM
Hot Shots Golf. I have played a round almost everyday since launch.
#8sandslash1Posted 3/30/2014 1:03:15 PM
Final Fantasy2389 posted...
Persona 4 Golden.

#9Boney00Posted 3/30/2014 1:03:44 PM
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#10RetroGamerGuyPosted 3/30/2014 1:23:30 PM
sandslash1 posted...
Final Fantasy2389 posted...
Persona 4 Golden.

Favorite game ever is Twilight Princess on GC. Weird huh?