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2 years ago#1
Hey guys my friend bought me a copy of ffxHD off ebay and accidentally bought a NA copy. Now i can't redeem my copy of x-2 on ps store because i have an aus account on my vita, is there anything I can do?
2 years ago#2
You can either:

A) Make a USA account for it (you'll lose access to your digital games you've bought from your AUS account, while using your USA account, and you'll have to reset the system each time you want to play your AUS games, and you'll have to redownload them again... overall tedious process. I'd ask the seller for a refund)


B) send the code my way as I've always wanted to play the game :D

I'm really sorry how things turned out :/ I've been in the same situation before.
2 years ago#3
Do you have a second memory card?
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2 years ago#4
yeah sucks but those are your only options... of course you can also throw the code my way never played x2 in my ps2 days
2 years ago#5
You can set up a NA account, restore your Vita and have it use your NA account to play the game. The only bummer is that you won't be able to access any of the digital games and saves associated with your AUS account.

You will also need an additional memory card since each card is bound to individual accounts, unless you're okay with doing CMA backups before restoring your Vita and then formatting your memory card to use the new account.

t's a tedious, troublesome process and if you're sure that you're be playing FF and nothing else on your AUS account for a prolonged period of time then it's worth it.
2 years ago#6
hmm thanks guys, im sad things turned out like this :(
2 years ago#7
THE_kain01 posted...
hmm thanks guys, im sad things turned out like this :(

Can you contact the seller? :( I'm really sorry.

You can always do the USA-switch thing, described above, or sell/give your code to someone :O
2 years ago#8
well at least u can still sell it
2 years ago#9
Make a US account, try to return it or... I dunno. I would give it away to someone I know IRL that can use it. But I assume anyone you know also has a AUS account lol.
2 years ago#10
Selling would be a good option! :)

If I had money I'd totes buy it off of you, but unfortunetaly, I got fired 2 weeks ago, and really had no money left over, haha!
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