I called 2 gamestops, went to best buy, called walmart and target

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I found one guys :)
Any way to clean the screen?

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And could not find a vita

Try a magic place called the internet and go to amazon or ebay or even off the Playstation website. SMH don't see why these topics keep on getting made.

Even if you don't have a bank card to use to buy offline, you can go to stores and buy an amazon card and load that to an account and buy it off the site





All theses are sites too find the vita at am they are most likely cheaper(and newer) than those found at gamestop

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Tc is lying.
Post your phone records.

I'm not lying. My friends have one and so I went out to try and find one but never did :/

You are obviously lying... I need a blood and stool sample, preferably not mixed. And your mother's maiden name.
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Phone records or it didint happen
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Delicious sandwiches for Spiffy or it didn't happen.
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So much going on ;_;
What are some good games?
I liek turdles
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Spiffy has a great list he can give next time he is on.
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As someone who bought both the OLED vita and the slim vita. I would recommend the slim one. The reduction in weight makes a huge difference. The older Vita is a bit too heavy for prolonged gaming.

The difference in contrast is noticeable but not worth the extra weight. Plus i feel it is more ergonomic due to the curved edges.