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C/D: People who play VN's are casuals
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GigaDogqHD505/21 2:01PM
What are your stories about playing the Vita in public.
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dodokiki485/21 1:24PM
Games that stop wifi connnecting, also stop background downloads....marioparty17105/21 1:22PM
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is that gundam reborn game any good for vitaFelineCyborg15/21 12:21PM
Neptunia has strong females leads.
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-Hyperdimension325/21 12:08PM
As a guy who is afraid of the tough, rugged male body...
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2Dover3D115/21 11:17AM
Who is your waifu/hasubando? Can be from any game on Vita.
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TailsDoll666155/21 10:30AM
Why is 7% the Vita library filled with half-naked animated teenage girls?WhiteSkullHeart15/21 9:46AM
KOEI EU samurai warriors chroncles 3 survey/raffle. 30 vita codes available.nononoyesyesyes105/21 8:47AM
Buy Vita slim now or wait for Vita 3000??
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AngelicOne265/21 8:22AM
Why is only half the Vita library filled with half-naked animated teenage girls?MonarchPoopos85/21 8:08AM
I bought GTA5 and HDN:U at launch am I a weeb or a dudebro?
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marioparty17345/21 7:07AM
They need to release the Soul Sacrifice novel in the West!
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hijokaiden215/21 6:25AM