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EU ps plus
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Tomakage201/29 11:02AM
2015 is looking to be one of the better years for the Vita. (Closed)
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ChickenSpice401/29 10:47AM
There totally needs to be a Tales of Neptunia game.-Hyperdimension81/29 10:43AM
Analog stick issue with Ninja Gaiden Sigma (Possibly a Vita issue)Red_Jester21/29 10:08AM
which game came first chrono cross or chrono trigger?Mindbend8er101/29 9:51AM
Neptunia Rebirth 2 actually has a better dub than the original Japanese voices (Poll)
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ChickenSpice301/29 9:46AM
SEGA on a roll lately:D
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Turkishgamer43191/29 9:44AM
Kinda glad I held off on Rogue LegacyABWildC91/29 9:31AM
importing a PSP save that's not mine onto a Vita gameshinchikudo21/29 9:15AM
Senran kagura bon apetit japanese physical is at its lowestragnarok0171/29 9:03AM
any news on the free games for vita for feb?Mindbend8er51/29 8:49AM
YR:Sony announces several console quality exclusives and a price drop?
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SlickGamer171/29 8:25AM
Badlands: GotY Edition coming to Vitadude_meister51281/29 8:19AM
need to know if this is any good?!?!Szpytek2351/29 8:01AM
Any good Tony Hawk games available on Vita?WebsandWigs51/29 7:44AM
Your reaction- New Vita with MicroBD UMD (100GB per disk) announced (Closed)
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AmandaDaniel141/29 7:39AM
I am conflicted...need some suggestionDarkstorm1671/29 7:02AM
So I bought Dracula X Chronicles on EU PSN finally (cool story bro thread)Mavado 2 Nitara61/29 6:55AM
What was the reason Monster Hunter went to Nintendo?
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clodoveo1161/29 6:16AM
The "New" Vitanotzez51/29 6:11AM