P4G where can i find some Goho-M?

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2 years ago#1
playing p4g and I'm starting to hit the harder dungeons..
some goho m would be nice once I start running outta so but I can't find a single can I buy some somewhere I haven't figured out or certain dungeons?
2 years ago#2
when I start running outta sp lol dam spell check
2 years ago#3
You can buy it from the store lady in the shopping district during the day.
I always had around 20 since porting back to the entrance to fuse & save to avoid a wipe disaster is the best idea. Teddie (i believe) also gets the port out ability rather early... It's decent to keep just like yosukes run away from battle ability until you can stock a few goho's or get rises guaranteed escape ability.
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2 years ago#4
thanks bro
2 years ago#5
I find Teddie's escape dungeon skill pretty redundant since stocking up Goho-M's from the store isn't expensive with a little grinding. You'll be finding a good number of them free from chests too. If you're efficient with how you dungeon crawl you won't be using them a whole lot either, unless you want to go stock up before a boss fight.

You can also get seeds to plant a vegetable type that allows you to escape dungeons (forgot the name) later on.
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