What Vita game deserves a sequel the most?

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User Info: Greimkaiser

2 years ago#1
Doesn't matter if it's an original Vita game or a port/multiplat.

User Info: gadgaurd

2 years ago#2
Either Soul Sacrifice or Gravity Rush.
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User Info: Justice98405

2 years ago#3
First thought is Unit 13. I'd have to think about it more to see if I'd stay with that choice.

Solid game, cool ideas, solid TPS done on a handheld, LOVE the bite-sized gaming missions it has, cool ideas overall, need a bit more depth.

A sequel could have built on what was already there, refined it and made something that would be even better.

But Sony closed down Zipper, so no chance of a Unit 13 sequel, or a MAG sequel on the console, unless they have someone else develop them, but I doubt that will happen. What?!? :(
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User Info: GamerRaf

2 years ago#4
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User Info: PeroxideToxic

2 years ago#5
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward or Ys: Memories of Celceta

User Info: sockesocke

2 years ago#6
soul sacrifice
gravity rush
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User Info: ragnarok01

2 years ago#7
Unit 13

User Info: j2zon2591

2 years ago#8
OreShika 2
SAO:HW (I wan't an SAO:HW type game.. maybe a Ragnarok [original RO] entry)

User Info: Apocalypsah

2 years ago#9
Zero Escape for sure.
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User Info: steve951753

2 years ago#10
Demon Gaze, maybe localize all Demon Gaze related games
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