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1 year ago#1
1 year ago#2

best collection ive ever seen.
Tzuba12:Microsoft: Bringing gamers together ONE console at a time.
1 year ago#3
Its just 2 Vita's?
Or is photobucket on mobile just messed up?
1 year ago#4
he meant vita's not games collection
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1 year ago#5
1 year ago#6
Xbox 360 Gamertag: NazaCageRatt | VITA PSN: Nazacuckoo
Please, someone, anyone, release SMT IV and Persona Q in Europe!
1 year ago#7
why would anyone care what you have?
1 year ago#8
10/10, but only because the photo is such high quality.
If you like my reviews, recommend them. If you have some suggestions feel free to PM me.
1 year ago#9
nice, mine are one blue and one red.
1 year ago#10
Needs more Kid Icarus Uprising
"[Mcnugget2256] you're weak sauce! A nugget dipped into WEAKSAUCE!" - OhGoodGrief
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