Wow! The vita seems to be rocking it! It's good to be a vita owner

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GamerRaf posted...
Doesn't compare to a 3DS.

100% Agreed
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Voelger posted...
Bought a vita today with
FFX, dragons crown and muramasa

Great way to start off!

I can highly recommend Ys: Memories of Celceta as well!

There are of course a lot of great games but they depend on your tastes.

Muramasa was my first Vita platinum and my second platinum ever... such a great game.
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Eh i dont know, i have a 3ds with a substantial library and i seem to be playing my vita way more, 3ds has the same curse that most Nintendo systems have, few good games that are not made by nintendo.
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The only complaints i ever hear about the vita (aside from annoying people who dont even own one that claim it has no games) is the memory card cost and the ports. Personally i love having MGS, persona, and FFX on the go. As far as the cost of a decent memory card goes i have no regrets since I have many games that I grew up with that are amazing to have whenever i want. The memory card more than warranted the purchase, in my humble opinion.
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I love my vita and 3ds. Zelda and Luigis mansion are the shot. Plus Mario and Mario kart. Vita got me covered in FPS and rpg and fighting games.
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Yep can't wait to get my slim next week.
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I prefer the 3DS for games honestly, but my Vita sees the most use for certain games, like ps1 classics and media use. Can't watch The Walking Dead on a 3DS haha.