How are the Dark Souls games in comparison to the Monster Hunter Freedom games?

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Er, nothing alike? o_O
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The Souls games are less forgiving than MH. In MH you can be KO'd three times before you fail a mission with no negative other than time wasted on the mission (You even keep stuff you mined, carved and gathered). In DS since the world is connected it's one and done and if you die you keep most things like in MH however you can lose souls which you to level level up if you can't get back to them.
There are also more environmental hazards in DS (sudden drops, items in very precarious places, ambushes around corners).
MH is more about memorization of an enemy while DS is more about reaction to what the enemy does.
For example when behind a Tigrex (don't even have to be directly behind it) will almost always turn twice to face you which makes him and other monster like him extremely easy to stagger since you know what it will do and most monster will face you before they attack. While bosses in Souls have movesets you can memorize it's almost impossible to get a boss to do what you want. Sometimes a boss will not even be facing you and still trow out attacks that can hit you.

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