Guacamelee worth $5?

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2 years ago#11
I just bought it for 15 last week :( still worth every penny good game needs a sequal

User Info: Noraneko_Vel

2 years ago#12
PJB-11 posted...
Quality game with loads of content.

Stop lying.

User Info: INKU48

2 years ago#13
I would not have regretted paying more than the $15 I paid for it. Platted it and enjoyed almost every second of it.
"The question "why not buy a Vita" should be "why not buy two or three Vitas?""

User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

2 years ago#14
Buy it.

User Info: ResetTears

2 years ago#15
Oh nice, five bucks! Was waiting for this one to hit a sale. Bought.
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