Do I need a screen protector for a Vita Slim?

#1BleedingyamatoPosted 5/8/2014 3:12:41 PM
I just got my Vita Slim and I'd bought a pack of the sony screen protectors that were meant for the old Vitas but since the guide holes didn't line up I ended up ruining both screen protectors.

I'm either going to order another pack if sony screen protectors or I might get a Hori one that's for the Vita Slim but either would require waiting about 1-2 weeks to get.

What I need to know is: is it safe to use a Vita Slim without a screen protector or is the LCD screen likely to scratch?
#2ryanfelps14Posted 5/8/2014 4:01:34 PM
i would just be careful until you get another pack lcd screens can scratch just like any other screen my old game boy colors screen that i got in 2000 still looks brand new today lol a week or to wont hurt it if your careful
#3jac3rPosted 5/8/2014 4:05:34 PM
For me, any electronic devices with screens, screen protector is a must! Unless you love looking at scratched screen
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#4yukitoPosted 5/8/2014 4:30:28 PM(edited)
I've had my Vita for months and never got around to buying a screen protector for it. The screen is still flawless. I have never dropped it, and I always put it in a case when I'm not playing it. A screen protector can be insurance against damage, but if you're careful you don't absolutely need one.
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#5ragnarok01Posted 5/8/2014 4:25:29 PM
You dont if you plan on buying another vita due to the screen getting scratched