No more major games from Sony for Vita

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StrikeNinja24 posted...

I see this as a step backwards from the small positioning that the PSP had in the Western Market, and it's only going to get worse.

Already has... and further getting worse and worse and worse for the VITA lmao.
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Dashingfella posted...
Fair enough, Strike. My only gripe with how Sony handled the PSP was how it got cut off almost completely in the US, leaving only like one or two games localized a year. There are many good Japanese games that won't see the light of day, like .Hack and 7th Dragon.

It's eventually getting to that point, as the people who buy the games they are localizing already own Vita systems at this point. Eventually it's going to become stagnant.
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No more console ports for Vita.
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If they would release the remaining PSP and PSOne games I would be fine with this. As it stands though I have a large selection of games Ill never be able to access again unless I buy another PSP :(
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We have been seeing this for the past few years. Nice to see an official word from sony themselves about cutting the support
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Dashingfella posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

lol, Mark. Pace yourself, bro.
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Ehhh doesn't matter for me, I mostly play japanese games and it seems they're mostly all getting localised. Freedom Wars!!!
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That post was about something completely unrelated to the topic. Don't think it was about you, hon.
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Well at least we are getting Gravity Rush 2. Is this AAA level? Because I just want more games like it.
#50Fallen_LordPosted 5/9/2014 9:13:13 PM
Japan is certainly the savior of the Vita. Sony NA obviously lost interest years ago so why this comes as a shock to anyone is a bit surprising. As long as we have companies willing to localize all the niche Japanese titles my 3DS will continue to collect dust.