Who wants Diablo Port to Vita?

#1inFAMOUSJakeyPosted 5/16/2014 4:14:57 PM
Cut down visual, skill effect, add cross save between characters with ps3/ps4 version you got the game of the year right there for vita.

Loot anywhere and save it back to console and keep going.
Gotta tweet shaid and Sony about this
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#2Fray_MakenPosted 5/16/2014 4:17:10 PM
I rather get Torchlight 2. I'm content RP D3:UEE, but I would take it.
#3Trupp88Posted 5/16/2014 4:19:51 PM
I do for sure. I'll tweet them.
#4joegt123Posted 5/16/2014 4:26:13 PM
I don't want 3 in any shape or form, on any system.

I'll second a Torchlight 2, though.
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#5inFAMOUSJakey(Topic Creator)Posted 5/16/2014 4:27:24 PM
Thanks guys, hopefully they will look at it *cross fingers* and maybe next AAA port will be it. I think portable looting sounds very good to me
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#6Lucretia_MercesPosted 5/16/2014 4:35:36 PM
Can I have Champions of Norrath or Return to Arms remaster instead?
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#7falloutbeast101Posted 5/16/2014 4:37:10 PM
The Diablo 3 remote play is adequate enough for me.
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#8hustlin_pimpstePosted 5/16/2014 4:38:00 PM
Diablo 2 and I'd be happy. PC Gamer did just review the latest Diablo 3 expansion and were very positive about it and how it changed a lot of the problems with the main game, but I just cannot get excited for 3 for some reason.
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#9RyupowerPosted 5/16/2014 4:41:59 PM
not Diablo but
more Diablo/ Phantasy star portable/ Phantasy star online type games

pick a class type
have a hub where you can buy/sell/craft/identify things/save/player room
randomly generated dungeons/areas full of monsters, items and other things
bosses and the end of the area/dungeon
#10MrDolfanPosted 5/16/2014 4:58:20 PM
Either torchlight or Diablo. Shame it will never happen.
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