WHy does E3 has so many of you on edge?

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Haha what's funny is that I'm like 90% sure that Compass and Megaman Omega are alts. He says it's a "unique brand"? That's funny- that "unique" (although it's not THAT unique) argument style of just saying Pony over and over along with the same phrases over and over about how someone's bitter, mad, meltdown, etc. is pretty obvious too.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Compass and Megaman are the same person.

"What, there are multiple people doubting the almighty Sony? They must be the same person! I mean, it's impossible that there is more than one person on the planet who is not a blind bootlicker that worships everything that Sony does!"

Me? Alts? lol. Keep on projecting, marky. :)
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