So what if vita has no Type 0 HD..vita has persona 4 the golden!

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2 years ago#31
Never said portable ;)

As a whole Persona 3 is better though, i mean even the characters forgot about the plot in 4 at times
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2 years ago#32
TC, I couldn't get in to P4G. I like anime, but not the type of anime the game is similar to, so that drives me away more than anything else.

I may or may not be able to get in to Type-0, but at the very least I'll research it more heavily than I did with P4, and see if it actually looks like it's worth it before wasting money on it.
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2 years ago#33
How did anyone let xfactor stealth troll them? xfactor saying anything positive about anything to do with the Vita should've been a big red flag.
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2 years ago#34
xfactor posted...
Also, fans translation is still coming isn't it?

It already came out.
2 years ago#35
xfactor posted...
Who cares about type 0 anyway, we have persona 4 the golden and bunch of indie games

Indie > AAA games anyway

Indie is the future of gaming. Also, fans translation is still coming isn't it?

except vita has FF type-0, just not your region, I have it, and better yet, is in my native language.
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2 years ago#36
P4G as good as it is, it is 2 years old. Many of us have gotten through it, we want something else to play.

Actually still not totally disappointed with no type-0 with Hyperdimension Rebirth, Danganronpa 2, Akiba Trip, Shinovi Versus and plenty more to come.

This is Vita year and yet Sony is not showing it.
2 years ago#37
GodMWOLF posted...
Persona 3 > Persona 4

just putting that out there

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2 years ago#38
thatbasedgamer posted...
Paulthesnug posted...
Indie is the future of gaming? Well I guess I don't have much to look forward to then. I don't like triple AAA games but indie titles are just as bad if not worse.


To add to this, a console sells based on it's software. Top tier developers push that software. When a game receives hype, it's usually due to its quality and how available it is. Example: The average consumer will purchase Metal Gear Sequel # 9292929 over Guacamole! The vita needs AAA games to be successful and pull in new sales. Indie games, while usually good, are not going to carry a system at all.

If I wanted to play an Indie game, I would probably buy it for my smart phone personally. the price point and low commitment plays well to phones and tablets.
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2 years ago#39
Dashingfella posted...
This was a middle finger from Square.

"Oh, you guys can't wait for an official announcement? Screw you then, we'll give the game to console owners, you guys play your little fan-translation on PSP"

But wasn't square the one who said "We will release (...) ahhh no wait canceled, you won't get this game due to copyright in one music fu bye" or something something?

Hmmm persona vs final fantasy... isn't that like saying "You want a portable console? Here, have a gameboy colour"
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2 years ago#40
Even if this is a troll thread...

I already have Persona 4 for the PS2 when it came out way back when. It's not enough to be a system seller for me.

I don't dislike the indie games themselves, but they hardly seem worth buying a Vita for. I know it's superficial to say, but it's hard to reconcile how those games couldn't be playable on the PSP (beyond no longer being supported, high piracy rate, etc) or something :/

Type-0 was supposed to be a new experience, and despite what feelings people have about SE as a company, their games at least have decent production value, and in the past have been system sellers for me.

(And waifu games do almost nothing for me. I want my huzbandos >3>)
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