do you think it's SE fault or Sony?

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Lelouch71 posted...
It's not SE job to do Sony's work. They want to make money. There is no money to be made with the Vita. So it is Sony's fault. They don't have any confidence in their own system and treats it like an after thought. The Vita was in the same boat as the Wii U when it came to third party support. But unlike Sony, Nintendo is actually putting in effort to save their system and it getting plenty of cool games for it.

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Square-Enix imo. Not so much because they are releasing it on PS4 instead, but the way they brought it. First they post it's coming to Vita, and Vita alone. Then they realize their error, change the blog post and only add to the edit that the previous headline was incorrect and should have been Playstation 4. No apology, nothing. The damage had been done already as more than plenty of people had seen the post. A post made by the Senior Product Manager of Square-Enix, not a Sony rep. You'd think they know what they're talking about when promoting their own product.

If they had not made this awful mistake of posting 'Vita' instead of '4' and had simply said 'this game is coming to PS4' *without* mentioning having listened to all the requests over the years (which were mostly PSP and Vita owners), it wouldn't be on the hate train *as much* as it is now. Most people (if not all) didn't ask for it to be on a home console, but Sony's handhelds. If they'd just left the bit out where they listened, it would've been much less painful for Vita owners, since they completely ignored said requests.
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I don't blame square for not bring it on the vita. I was looking at a preorder list the other day and realized sony only accounted for about 2 titles. Why would a third party want to risk the cash when the person who owns the vita is only putting out so few games and one of the last games they put out, god of war, was no were near the level of effort that se put into ffx hd.
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Rygon posted...
Square refuses to release a Vita version. Square posted the false alarm on the blog. Square is clearly at fault. I don't see how Sony is in any negative light.

Sony are quite largely responsible for not making the Vita an attractive proposition for devs. They have done the bare minimum to advertise it and on top of that have all but admitted it is an accessory to the PS4.

Knowing all that, why shouldn't SE just say "Well, if we release it for the PS4 at least Vita owners have a chance to remote play it."

Or, and tinfoil hat time, SE announced it for the Vita and Sony rushed in and said "no, no. look here's a lot of money. Make it for the PS4 then all those whining Vita owners may shell out $400 to be able to play it on Vita via rp."

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Both. Sony for not making the Vita an attractive platform and SE for not releasing it despite giving us X/X-2 two months ago.
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PS4 is selling like hotcakes....I don't think they need to go that far. At least one thing it will not come out for well played, Sony.
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Oh, I agree, kishnabe, but I bet Sony would like even more money :) Like I said, that was the tinfoil hat option, so very unlikely but you never know. I am betting a lot of the #novitanobuy crew will quietly snap up the PS4 version when it comes out, and a few will probably be Vita owners who will also snap up a PS4, too.
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I'll never buy a PS4 for that particular game. Throw in some Tales on PS4 and maybe I'll consider that PSP port... even then, Square pulled off a LeBron here so I might protest the game we've been talking about regardless
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iRPGluvver posted...
Both. Sony for not making the Vita an attractive platform and SE for not releasing it despite giving us X/X-2 two months ago.

Good point. Why did the Vita get X HD but not the highly requested former PSP Square game? Makes no sense.
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I don't care. I think it's awesome that I get to play it on my PS4.